Three New Flavors

Now available in scoop shops and online: Mango Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt, Brambleberry Sorbet, and Savannah Buttermint.

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Extraordinarily familiar unfamiliar flavors

About once a year we like to use ice cream to tell a deeper story, to ask a question, or spark conversation. This year, with our spring collection, we are asking questions about openness and community. What does it take to befriend a stranger? We’re calling this collection We’re Not From Here. You Belong Here. These flavors may sound unfamiliar on the outside, but are meant to be extraordinarily (or ordinarily) familiar on the inside to an American palate.

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Jeni’s Larchmont

Our third LA scoop shop is open in historic Larchmont Village.

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Two ice creams in one: blue violet and vanilla marshmallow swirled together. Inspired by fluffy vanilla marshmallows floating in a hot cup of cocoa and colorful, dehydrated, cereal marshmallows. Tastes like marshmallow cereal milk!

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Jeni’s Avalon

Our fourth Atlanta scoop shop is open at 800 Avalon Blvd in the Boardwalk East area of Avalon.

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Cool bag!

Introducing our new Cool Bag—a stylish and functional way to tote your favorite pints. Get one free with the purchase of 3 pints in any scoop shop (or buy one for $3).

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