Early Summer

Our Early Summer Collection is about the flavors we love and using those flavors to tell a bit of the American story.

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Buttermilk Frozen Yogurts

Our BFYs are gargantuan news in the world of ice cream. No one else makes frozen yogurt like this.

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JBB: Why BFYs are a BFD

Jeni loves our Buttermilk Frozen Yogurts more than anything else we make.

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Ice Cream Sandwiches

Made to share with friends (but you don’t have to).

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Street Treats

Single-servings in ready-to-roam cups (with a spoon under the lid).

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Peak Spring

Two perennial favorites are now available by the scoop: Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk and Lemon & Blueberries Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt.

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Hirsch Fruit Farm

Every year, we buy strawberries—tiny, gem-like berries with flavor for days—from Mike Hirsch, a fourth-generation Ohio farmer.

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Top Sellers

Nothing flies out of our freezer faster than these five flavors.

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Pint Finder

How to find the closest place to buy Jeni’s near you.

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The Vegetable Butcher

A lot of cooking happens in our office and when we find a new cookbook we love, we can’t resist giving a recipe a try.

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Brambleberry Sorbet

A velvety smooth sorbet packed with purple berries (the same jammy fruits we use in our Brambleberry Crisp). A scoop-shop exclusive.

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Jeni’s × Four & Twenty Blackbirds

Our latest collaboration takes pie a la mode to a whole new level.

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Southern Charm

Peppermint with sea salt, butter, and white chocolate flecks. Savannah Buttermint—the perennial favorite—has returned.

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Black Cat

Syrupy and sweet espresso beans from Intelligentsia steeped directly into cream.

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Candied Ginger

A sweet-spicy dose of ginger mixed into sweet cream with pops of candied ginger pieces for tongue-tingling effect.

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Jeni’s + Valley Cruise

When we decided to design a limited-edition pin collection, partnering with Valley Cruise Press was a no-brainer.

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 New limited-edition Jeni’s-Homage tee? Check. Enamel pins from Valley Cruise? Check. Logo patch? Check. Break out the jean jacket.

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