Shipping Schedule

At checkout, simply choose the date you would like to receive your ice cream. For planned events, we recommend selecting a date that is 2-3 days ahead of your celebration for an on-time arrival.

We ship Monday through Friday and our packages are delivered Tuesday through Saturday — depending on the shipping destination, shipping method, and day and time of checkout. Please note that not all shipping destinations are eligible for Saturday delivery. We do not deliver on Sunday or Monday. Certain days may be unavailable for delivery depending on location, holidays, and other factors. 

Once you’ve placed your order, your account will be updated via email with tracking information as soon as the status of your delivery changes.

Shipping Costs

Our shipping rates are determined by the day of the week your shipment is delivered. Shipping costs do not increase with order size — you can order as few as five pints or as many as you’d like and still pay the same price per delivery. Alaska and Hawaii will experience higher shipping costs than the continental United States.

How it Works


We ship to all 50 United States and the District of Columbia, via UPS. Unfortunately, we cannot ship to PO boxes.


We pack frozen goods in an insulated shipping box with enough dry ice to keep the contents perfectly frozen well into the evening of the delivery date. It gets colder inside that box than it does in your freezer: -109.3°F.


You’ll receive an email notification with tracking number when your order ships.


No frozen goods will be in transit more than 48 hours.


We authorize UPS to leave all packages at the shipping destination without a signature. That way, the recipient doesn’t have to be home to accept it, and frozen goods don’t melt during multiple delivery attempts, etc.



Surprises are great—we love surprises!—but since you’re sending a perishable gift, you’ll want to make sure that the recipient is going to be home to open the package and put the contents in the freezer.


We don’t include payment or pricing information in outgoing shipments.


We also offer Gift Concierge Service year-round for quick and easy assistance if you’re thinking about sending in bulk or want to wow some clients (or try and land some new ones). Contact one of our Gift Concierges at or 614-488-3224.

Return Policy

All sales are final. If your ice cream doesn’t arrive perfectly frozen, we’ll reship the order at our cost. Need customer service? Contact