Jeni's Cone Coin

Introducing Cone Coins

Better than a full-size candy bar!

Be the it house on the block this Halloween and pass out ice cream instead of candy. Snag a bag of our new Cone Coins—each one redeemable for one kids cone at all scoop shops. Available for purchase at any Nashville or Columbus scoop shop, Cone Coins come in bundles of 25 (your first bundle is $30; and each additional is $20). Here’s how to upgrade your trick-or-treating game in 3 easy steps:

Jeni's Cone Coin

Head to a Jeni’s scoop shop in Columbus or Nashville and buy your Cone Coins. Available in multiples of 25, get your first Cone Coin bundle for $30, and each additional for $20.

Turn your candy bowl into an ice cream bowl! Hand out Cone Coins to trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood, at your office, or your kids’ school. Cause you’re the cool adult.

Jeni's Cone Coin
Jeni's Kids Cone with Sprinkles

Your recipients can trade their Cone Coin for a kids cone topped with any flavor they’d like. Coins are redeemable at any scoop shop through 1/31/19.