Early Summer

Our Early Summer collection was about using flavors we love to tell a bit of the American story. We were inspired by art, especially the coastal Maine paintings of Winslow Homer. The deep blues of the ocean, bright blues of the sky, the cool breezes, the boardwalks, salt water taffy, and lemon ice. The whole collection became sort of a road trip along a mythical path, loosely based on the drive from Maine to North Carolina. Sights, sounds, smells, and culture along the way.

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Sweet Cream layered with tart lemon pudding and saltine gravel. Based on the classic Southern pie.

There is an old Southern legend that warns diners not to eat dessert after a seafood meal, lest they fall ill. Salty-sweet Atlantic Beach Pie was the exception with its cracker crust, lemon custard filling, and whipped cream top. Our version—sweet cream ice cream swirled with homemade lemon pudding and buttery, saltine cracker gravel—is a frozen homage to this Southern staple. Our ice cream hits all the notes of a perfect dessert: sweet, tart, citrusy, salty. If this summer has one IT dessert, it’s Atlantic Beach Pie.


Soft wintergreen with notes of vanilla and root beer; fluffy handmade marshmallows throughout.

Birch & Marshmallows made its debut in a winter collection inspired by trees. But this ice cream is really more akin to the fluffy, refreshing foam atop a birch beer float. Notes of wintergreen and root beer blend seamlessly into velvety ice cream, and pillowy marshmallows (handmade in our kitchen) give it bounce and an element of joy. It’s the perfect ice cream to pair with a hot summer day.


Peppermint with sea salt, butter, and white chocolate flecks. Inspired by white chocolates commonly served at Southern weddings, and old-school butter mint candies.

Savannah Buttermint made its debut on Jeni’s original menu. The soft and sophisticated flavor conjures up visions of high society ladies in Savannah donning white gloves at garden tea parties. Jeni, who’s never been a big mint fan, created the flavor in search of the perfect mint ice cream. As a result, Savannah Buttermint is a sort of anti-mint chocolate chip. The base is buttery soft peppermint with a hint of sea salt to bring out its richness. And a crunch comes from creamy white chocolate flecks scattered throughout.


No ordinary lemon sorbet. Using every part of the lemon means it’s extra tart, slightly bitter, and exceedingly aromatic.

This is no ordinary lemon sorbet. Inspired by Jeni’s childhood love for Schweppes Bitter Lemon Soda, our Whole Lemon Sorbet is sunny, bright, and incredibly balanced. Using each part of the lemon allows us to make a rich, full bodied sorbet that has depth of flavor. The juice offers supreme tartness. The pith, a delightful bitterness and body. And the zest, the bright aroma of lemons. This sorbet will remind you of a great lemon ice, but so much more exciting.


Fresh and delicately floral ice cream with a touch of earthy fennel. Familiar and exotic.

Years ago, Jeni stood in front of The Getty in LA, entranced by its enormous travertine walls and a floral scent hanging in the air. One bite of Ylang Ylang & Fennel brings Jeni back to this awesome moment. Ylang ylang has deep honey notes, and a soft, round finish. We build this flavor with a tiny bit of sweet fennel and pleasant clove. It’s an ice cream as versatile as vanilla (both vanilla and ylang ylang hail from flowers, after all), but with a touch of surprise. Our floral and earthy Ylang Ylang & Fennel pairs superbly with pies, like blueberry or salted honey.

JBB: Let’s hit the road

This spring I was inspired by art, especially Winslow Homer and George Bellows paintings from the coast of Maine.

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