Buttery, oven-toasted oat streusel and a striking, sweet-tart “brambleberry” jam of blackberries and black currants layered throughout vanilla ice cream.

Flavor Story

We release several ice cream collections throughout the year. It keeps the menu fresh and gives everyone, including us, something new to taste. Collections include perennials that return every year, classics with us year-round, and all those brand-new flavors with buzz.

Brambleberry Crisp, originally part of our 2011 Bakeshop Collection, was such a superstar that we had to keep it on the menu full-time. As popular during warm weather months as it during the dead of the Ohio winter, Brambleberry Crisp is eye-popping and delicious, boasting incredible textures.

Inspired by the brambly bushes all over the hillsides of the Appalachian foothills, Brambleberry Crisp is like a slice of fresh berry pie mixed with a scoop vanilla ice cream in every bite.

Pint of Brambleberry Crisp


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