The best day of the year

Join us from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, Feb. 3 for our annual Ice Cream for Breakfast Day festivities! We consider this day a blank check to enjoy all that’s upside-down and backward — including eating a big bowl (or cone) of ice cream first thing in the morning. (Wearing pajamas is optional, but highly encouraged.) Keep scrolling for details on the fun we’re serving up in scoop shops nationwide.

This scoop is bananas

Banana French Toast

This year’s featured breakfast flavor — Banana French Toast — makes a triumphant return to scoop shops on Saturday, Feb. 3 (and will be available online starting 1/29). Silky banana custard shot through with pure maple syrup and cinnamon-sugar French toast gravel. A creamy, custardy, can’t-miss wake-up call.

Don’t forget the cone

French Toast Waffle Cone

We’re going all-in on French toast on Ice Cream for Breakfast Day — transforming our signature Buttercrisp Waffle Cone into a French Toast Waffle Cone from 9 a.m. to noon only! It turns out that when you add a dash of cinnamon to our buttery and vanilla-scented cone, it tastes a lot like a great slice of French toast. And it pairs great with a scoop (or three) of Banana French Toast ice cream.

Spread the word

Grab a yard sign

Get in on the action! If you love eating ice cream for breakfast as much as we do, we want your help in making this year’s celebration our biggest and best yet. Stop by any scoop shop and pick up a free sign to proudly display in your yard.

Just add coffee

L’affogato in a mug

Make your ice cream even breakfast-ier by ordering a L’affogato: two half scoops topped with Slingshot cold brew. While Salty Caramel is a no-fail classic, you’ve got to try the Banoffee L’affogato made with Banana French Toast ice cream. Plus, only on Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, enjoy a L’affogato served in a limited-edition Jeni’s mug for $5 more.

Feel the love

Party in shops

But wait, there’s more! Our scoop shops will be loaded with fun surprises for kids and kids-at-heart alike. From special menu pairings to coloring sheets to a one-day-only French Toast Buttercrisp Waffle Cone, we’ve curated an in-shop experience full of whimsy and delight.

Celebrate at home

Ice Cream for Breakfast Collection

Don’t live near a shop? We’ll send the party to you. Create your own celebration with these six breakfast-friendly pints, including fan favorites Banana French Toast and Maple Soaked Pancakes. Enjoy them on Ice Cream for Breakfast Day — and every day of the year. Available online starting 1/29.