Inspired by a fictional flight through the galaxy. Where we gathered all of the alien fruits we could find and transformed them into colorful, cosmic ice creams. A reminder that we're all made of stars, no matter what planet we come from.

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Punk Stargonaut to Planet Earth: An intriguing phenomenon! Created from the moon dust that glitters in the sky during a harvest supermoon. The dust twinkles powder blue and starry yellow and fills the air like fireflies. Captured best using gossamer nets. 

Tastes like candied violet and marshmallows. Almost like cereal milk!

Nebula Berry

Punk Stargonaut to Planet Earth: The Nebula Berry appears to grow wild and untamed across this lush planet. Its spiral-like vines with soft-ball-sized fruit are everywhere you look! When ripe, the Nebula Berry is a radiant hot pink with a bright blue center.

Tart like a blueberry and vibrant like a raspberry with an elderflower fragrance.

Purple Star Born

Punk Stargonaut to Planet Earth: Discovered in the bioluminescent bay of a meteor. When it glows, Purple Star Born makes a soft hum akin to the sound of a neon light. Turns a deep shade of violet in the sunlight.

Reminiscent of Concord grape and puckery-like blackcurrants. Intensely juicy!

Cosmic Bloom

Punk Stargonaut to Planet Earth: Cosmic Bloom appears to thrive solely on the edge of the crater of a distant hot spring. Difficult to cultivate as it blossoms only under three full moons. Being so rare and valuable, it’s often traded as currency.

A tropical delicacy! Citrusy like a mandarin, refreshing like a kiwi, and punchy like passion fruit.

Space Dust

Punk Stargonaut to Planet Earth: Found scattered across the famed iridescent beaches of an otherwise stark planet. Must be harvested at low tide, just as the emerald waters recede, when the particles hover over the shore. Before they evaporate with a crackling pop.

A fizzy popping candy from a distant galaxy.