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Pints of Jeni’s are now at a Publix near you! Yes, you heard that right. Your favorite Publix is now stocking seven Jeni’s flavors—including a seasonal favorite you won’t find at any other grocery store.

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Brambleberry Crisp

Inspired by the brambly berry bushes all over the hillsides of the Appalachian foothills, Brambleberry Crisp is like a slice of fresh berry pie mixed with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in every bite. Sweet vanilla ice cream made with high-quality vanilla from Madagascar and brown sugar oat streusel hand-crumbled and oven-toasted in our kitchen.

Brown Butter Almond Brittle

Years ago, Jeni was talking with a Norwegian friend who nearly teared up with joy as she shared her love of krokan—toffee-like candy made with butter, almonds, and caramelized sugar. It’s a beloved Scandinavian dessert and a favorite of author Roald Dahl (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach). The son of Norwegian parents, Dahl recalled krokan ice cream served at the end of big celebratory meals: “… it didn’t simply melt in your mouth like regular ice cream. You chewed it and it went crunch and the taste was something you dreamed about for days afterwards.” Inspired by this visceral love of krokan, Jeni created Brown Butter Almond Brittle in 2009. Made with rich buttercream ice cream and golden pockets of handmade almond brittle, this sweet, salty, crunchy ice cream quickly became a menu mainstay.

Darkest Chocolate

Making real chocolate ice cream isn’t easy. We’re talking real chocolate ice cream crafted with top-tier Fair Trade cocoa and not a pre-fab chocolate mix. That’s why it took Jeni over five years to get our Darkest Chocolate ice cream right. It’s packed with so much real chocolate—the most possible, in fact, to still legally call it ice cream—that it is overflowing with rich, bittersweet chocolate flavor, and is dense but still creamy, like the inside of a dark chocolate truffle. Like the inside of a dark chocolate truffle, it’s an amazing testament to the way we make ice cream. This is the chocolate ice cream to ruin all other chocolate ice creams.

Frosé Sorbet

Simple, bright, refreshing, it’s exactly what you want on a warm day. We start with a fruity rosé from Peregrine Ranch, a winery in Sonoma Valley. Peregrine’s rosé is filled
with notes of bright strawberry, subtle blackberry jam, and hints of lemon zest. It’s got crisp acidity and a dry, refreshing finish. We amp up all these flavor notes with added pear and strawberry, plus watermelon essence and lemon juice.

Salted Peanut Butter with Chocolate Flecks

In the Buckeye State (aka Ohio, where we are headquartered), one two-bite sweet is revered above all others: Buckeye candies. Designed to look like a nut from a buckeye tree, they are little rounds of creamy dark chocolate filled with rich peanut butter. And they are everywhere. Grocery stores to gas stations, gourmet chocolate shops to grandma’s kitchen. Salted Peanut Butter with Chocolate Flecks (AKA The Buckeye State) is our loving tribute to Ohio and our signature candy. We make it with fresh, salted roasted peanuts and chips of rich Belgian dark chocolate flecks. It’s total comfort for Buckeyes—and Buckeyes at heart.

Salty Caramel

As a teen, Jeni was always hanging around pastry apprentices at the Columbus bakery where she worked. One regaled her with stories of the “salty caramel” from his hometown in France. Jeni mistakenly thought it was salty like Scandinavian licorice. So when she began to make ice cream a few years later, in 1996, she created a flavor based on what she imagined this salty French caramel tastes like (beginning with toasted sugar, not flavoring). It was an instant success. We still make it the same way today, by toasting sugar in a kettle over fire. And then we blend it with cream and grass-grazed milk that enhance the butteriness of the caramel.

Popcorn! Peanuts!

The American Summer in every single bite. Made by blending fresh, heirloom popcorn with honey-sweetened cream, infusing the ice cream with bright, buttery popcorn flavor. Then we add toffee-coated peanuts, which melt into pockets of salty-sweet caramel. The result: an ice cream that tastes a lot like inside out caramel corn.

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