What Makes Our Ice Creams Different

How ice cream melts is everything

We’ve worked hard to get this right because the idea of how it melts is something ice cream makers don’t think enough about. Most ice cream makers flavor a generic ice cream mix, but we build ours from the ground up to melt a very specific way—thinly, cleanly—the way it’s melting on your tongue right now.


First, you will perceive the sweetness of the ice cream. If it’s tart, bitter, or salty those, too, will begin to become evident. Often one ice cream is many things. But flavor is more complex than the taste we experience on our tongue—it’s about scent, too. As the ice cream warms, the scent in the fat will begin to volatilize into your nose. Ice cream contains butterfat, the most extraordinarily flavorful fat in the world. It absorbs scent and then releases those aromas (think aromatic spices like cinnamon or pure essential oils like peppermint) as it melts, like an edible perfume. Our job as ice cream makers is to scent the butterfat and then freeze it so the flavor stays locked until the ice cream begins to warm and relax on your tongue.

Texture & Body

The ice cream is going to feel smooth as a baby’s butt, with the body of a brickhouse. Texture is the fineness (or grittiness) of the ice cream between your tongue and the roof of your mouth. The body is the bounciness or thinness of the ice cream. Ours has a dense buttercream-like body that’s slightly chewy, and it’s unique in the world of ice cream.


How long all of this lingers on your palate is called the finish. Depending on the flavor, the finish can be composed of the aroma of deep red cocoa, just-roasted coffee beans, pulverized farmers market berries, or the scent of grass-pastured milk. And the finish can tell a lot about the true provenance of the ingredients. Nothing hides in ice cream. Which is why we build our ice creams using the power of milk proteins over added stabilizers or emulsifiers. As a result, our ice creams leave you with the clean flavor of dairy or incredible vanilla or the fresh scent of peppermint—and ready for another bite.