We make unforgettable, crave-worthy flavors that bring people together.


Because ice cream is always greater than flowers. 

Valentine's Day Collection (6-pint)

Spoon and swoon.

Regular price $68.00

Valentine's Day Collection (9-pint)

The ultimate date night.

Regular price $98.00

Galentine's Collection

The perfect spread.

Regular price $68.00

A Date with the Couch Collection

You deserve this.

Regular price $68.00

Best Sellers Collection

Popular for good reason.

Regular price $58.00

Gimme Chocolate Collection

Chocolate wishes and cocoa dreams.

Regular price $68.00

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Eat ice cream for breakfast

The celebration returns to scoop shops on Saturday, Feb. 4 with new ice cream, fresh merch, giveaways, and more.


Comforting classics perfect for cozying up with right now.

Brown Butter Almond Brittle

Brown butter almond candy crushed into buttercream ice cream.

Regular price $12.00

Cookies in Cream

Scratch-made darkest-chocolate cookies with flecks of white chocolate in vanilla-scented cream.

Regular price $12.00

Darkest Chocolate

Packed with Fair Trade cocoa and not much else.

Regular price $12.00

Goat Cheese with Red Cherries

Mouthwatering and rich, it’s like a scoopable cherry cheesecake.

Regular price $12.00

Green Mint Chip

Peppermint cream with crunchy, bittersweet chocolate.

Regular price $12.00

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