Flavor is everything

We make unforgettable, crave-worthy flavors that bring people together.

Strawberry Buttermilk

Grown-for-us Ohio strawberries blended with cream and cultured buttermilk for subtle tartness.

Regular price $12.00

Darkest Chocolate

Packed with Fair Trade cocoa and not much else.

Regular price $12.00


Tastes like candied violet and marshmallows. Almost like cereal milk!

Regular price $12.00

Brambleberry Crisp

Oven-toasted oat streusel and a sweet-tart brambleberry jam layered throughout vanilla ice cream.

Regular price $12.00

Wildberry Lavender

Intensely fruity, brambly berry ice cream with a pop of sweet orange and lavender.

Regular price $12.00

Brown Butter Almond Brittle

Brown butter almond candy crushed into buttercream ice cream.

Regular price $12.00

Fluffernutter Pie

Roasted peanut butter and vanilla marshmallow ice creams side-by-side with oat pie crust pieces.

Regular price $12.00

Lemon & Blueberries Parfait

Tart and uber creamy lemon with from-scratch blueberry jam in fresh cultured buttermilk and cream.

Regular price $12.00

Powdered Jelly Donut

Vanilla custard, raspberry jelly, and a brown sugar donut crumble.

Regular price $12.00

Salty Caramel

Fire-toasted sugar with sea salt, vanilla, and grass-grazed milk. A perfect balance of salty and sweet.

Regular price $12.00

Gooey Butter Cake

Cream cheese ice cream layered with crumbles of vanilla cake and a swirl of caramel-butterscotch sauce.

Regular price $12.00

Blackout Chocolate Cake

A chocolate ice cream quadruple threat with cake, extra-bitter fudge, and chocolate pieces.

Regular price $12.00

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It’s mom’s turn to be spoiled. A subscription to Pint Club will get her four curated pints each month, including classic flavors and special sneak peeks.

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Mother’s Day Collection (6-pint)

Let mom feel the love.

Regular price $68.00

Not Now, Mom’s Busy Collection

Time for some TLC.

Regular price $68.00

Punk Stargonaut Collection

Flavors from a distant galaxy.

Regular price $58.00

Mother’s Day Collection (9-pint)

Let mom feel more love.

Regular price $98.00

Best Sellers Collection

Popular for good reason.

Regular price $58.00

Happy Birthday Collection

Is it even a birthday without ice cream?

Regular price $68.00

Gimme Chocolate Collection

Chocolate wishes and cocoa dreams.

Regular price $68.00

Breakfast in Bed Collection

No dish duty required.

Regular price $68.00

Happy Hour Collection

It’s always ice cream o’clock for mom.

Regular price $58.00

Explore Punk Stargonaut

Out of this world

A collection of ice creams inspired by a fictional flight through the galaxy. Where we gathered all the alien fruits we could find and transformed them into colorful, cosmic ice creams.

Mom’s favorite flavor

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Guaranteed Cold

Guaranteed frozen delivery. Pints arrive in an insulated box with plenty of dry ice.

Flat Rate Shipping

Flat-rate shipping nationwide. No matter how many pints you order.

artful packaging

Instagram-worthy unboxing. Pints are packaged with an artful attention to detail.

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The best ice cream in the whole damn world.

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No one else makes ice cream like Jeni.

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All it takes is one bite to get hooked.