Buttermilk Frozen Yogurts

Our Buttermilk Frozen Yogurts (BFYs) are gargantuan news in the world of ice cream. No one else makes frozen yogurt like this–a combination of tart fruits, fresh cultured buttermilk, organic yogurt from Seven Stars Farm in Pennsylvania, and cream. The result is tangier-than-expected buttermilk yogurt with creme fraiche creaminess. It’s tart. It’s punchy. It’s unlike any frozen yogurt you’ve ever had. They’re perfect on a cone, in a bowl with sliced fruit, or paired up with your favorite dessert.

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Key Lime Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt

Sunny key lime with a tangy punch from cultured buttermilk and organic yogurt from Seven Stars Farm.

Imagine the best key lime pie you’ve ever had—creamy, tart, citrusy, barely sweet. Now amplify it. That’s what our sunny Key Lime Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt tastes like. It’s full-flavored and aromatic, made with key lime puree and all-natural lime oil for a citrusy bite you can taste and smell. With a chewy texture from fresh cultured buttermilk and sourness from organic yogurt, our Key Lime BFY is killer with a few flakes of pink sea salt or a crumble of graham crackers soaked in salted butter.

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Lemon Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt

Fresh lemon juice, cultured buttermilk, organic yogurt, and cream. A longtime favorite Jeni’s flavor.

Lemon Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt has always been one of Jeni’s favorites. It’s one of the first flavors she ever made, inspired by the sherbets she loved as a kid. Come summer, Jeni serves this yogurt in place of vanilla ice cream with piles of fresh fruit or baked fruit pies. Made with lemon juice and oil from lemon zest, cultured buttermilk, and organic yogurt from Seven Stars Farm, our Lemon BFY is tart and, like all of our yogurts, exceedingly creamy. Sour lemon lovers will adore this yogurt.

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Mango Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt

Tart & Creamy! Cultured buttermilk, organic yogurt, vibrant mango. Like biting into a ripe mango, only amplified.

In her early days spinning ice cream at the North Market, Jeni loved to swing by the neighboring Indian food stand. There, owners Raj and Bilan would blend fresh Alphonso mangoes with yogurt and aromatic spices to make custardy mango lassis. Those refreshing, yellow drinks have inspired many iterations of mango frozen yogurt at Jeni’s, including our brightest version yet, Mango Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt. For some reason, when we blend ripe mango with buttermilk and Seven Stars Farm’s organic yogurt, the tropical fruit flavor blooms. The result is a BFY that’s barely tart, ultra creamy, and exploding with ripe mango flavor.

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Pink Grapefruit Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt

Addictingly bittersweet, with lively pink grapefruit, cultured buttermilk and organic yogurt.

Jeni is obsessed with tart and sour flavors. That’s one of the reasons we make our frozen yogurts with cultured buttermilk and organic yogurt—dairy that magnifies fruits’ natural tartness. Knowing this, adding pink grapefruit to our BFY lineup was a no-brainer. It’s our most addictingly bittersweet BFY—every spoonful is just like biting into a fresh, juicy pink grapefruit. With richness from cultured buttermilk and a savory bite from organic yogurt, we love our Grapefruit BFY with an olive oil polenta cake.

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Ultramarine Blue Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt

Tart organic yogurt and creamy cultured buttermilk electrified by wild blueberries. Originally created as a flavor version of the color Ultramarine Blue.

As Jeni walked through the Matisse Cut-Outs exhibit at MoMA a few years ago, she couldn’t believe how intense the colors were. They were so alive that, when she closed her eyes, she could taste and even smell each vibrant hue. How she imagines Matisse’s signature Ultramarine Blue tastes is encapsulated in our electrifying wild blueberry buttermilk frozen yogurt. It’s a flavor we describe as “spacefruit”—a term we use for something that tastes both alien and familiar. It’s also tart and very creamy, made with fresh cultured buttermilk and organic yogurt from Seven Stars Farm in Pennsylvania.

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JBB: Why BFYs are a BFD

Jeni loves our Buttermilk Frozen Yogurts more than anything else we make.

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BFY Collection

Five tangy and creamy buttermilk frozen yogurts unlike anything you’ve ever had.

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