Image of Jeni's Splendid Holiday collection.

Splendid Holiday

Ice cream that brings people together. Every holiday we release a collection of ice creams that are truly made for the table. Flavors designed to be shared because that’s the point of the season—coming together with the ones we love. This year’s Splendid Holiday collection features heritage ice creams. Traditional flavors, with a bit of an edge, that we’ve loved sharing with our family and friends over the years. And we hope you will, too.

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Dark Chocolate Peppermint

Mouth-filling and palate-gripping. The darkest chocolate ice cream with a super-cool finish.

Real chocolate ice cream is difficult to make without shortcuts, which is why it took Jeni more than five years to perfect the base of this flavor—Darkest Chocolate ice cream packed with as much Fair Trade cocoa as possible. To make this holiday favorite, we infuse bittersweet chocolate ice cream with sharp peppermint. It’s as rich and dense as the inside of a chocolate truffle. But has a super-cool mint finish, like a rush of cool air on the palate. Scoop it into a steaming cup of hot cocoa or alongside a slice of chocolate layer cake.

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Image of a spoonful of Sweet Potato with Torched Marshmallows from Jeni's Splendid Holiday collection.

Sweet Potato with Torched Marshmallows

Roasted sweet potatoes scented with nutmeg and Vietnamese cinnamon. Studded with handmade, hand-torched marshmallows.

Sweet Potato with Torched Marshmallows is definitely kitschy and totally reminiscent of the sweet and savory Thanksgiving casserole for which it’s inspired. To create each batch of this ice cream we roast sweet potatoes sourced from our longtime farm partner, Hirsch Fruit Farm in Ohio, and hand-make and hand-torch trays and trays of gooey marshmallows.

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The Matterhorn

Wildflower honey ice cream with white chocolate ganache and smoked almonds. Originally part of our 2013 Holiday in the Alps collection.

As a toddler, Jeni lived with her family on an army base in Stuttgart, Germany, before later settling in Illinois. What she remembers most about her long-ago time near the Alps are the candy-filled care packages from Germany that always appeared at her house in Peoria during the holidays. The Matterhorn is Jeni’s childhood memory of these toblerone candy bars wrapped into an ice cream. Honey ice cream flecked with uber-creamy white chocolate and smoked almonds that give the flavor an awesome, by-the-fire bite.

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Image of a spoonful of Boozy Eggnog from Jeni's Splendid Holiday collection.

Boozy Eggnog

Egg custard and nutmeg ice cream, spiked with Middle West Spirits bourbon whiskey. Velvety texture and flavor, with notes of vanilla and caramel.

Jeni has always spiked her eggnog with bourbon. It’s how her grandfather taught her to do it, using a recipe he acquired from a buddy during World War II. And it’s how we get a little rush of warmth into every bite of our holiday favorite, Boozy Eggnog. Our friends at Middle West Spirits in Columbus, Ohio, blend a non-traditional, wheated bourbon just for us. A bourbon that’s soft on the palate with a little spice and a clean finish, which folds beautifully into cream. Best enjoyed licked straight from a sugar cone. (Also, find the recipe on page 64 of her second cookbook, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Desserts.)

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