Splendid Holiday

Ice cream brings people together, and there is no better time for gathering than the holidays. Our Splendid Holiday collection was truly made for the table, with complex flavors to ignite conversation at the end of a long meal. All you had to do was line the center of the table with all six pints, throw down spoons and some simple cookies, and watch what happens.

Blackcurrant Lambic Sorbet

Pulverized blackcurrants and sweet, sour, effervescent Lambic beer. Rich and regal.

Blackcurrant Lambic Sorbet is sweet on the palate, slightly acidic, and almost fizzy on the finish. Made with pulverized black currants and Lindemans Cassis Lambic, this is one of those sour beer sorbets with bursting berry flavor as striking as its natural hue. We have been making sour beer sorbets for years, because we love the way the bitterness of the beer’s hops keeps the sugar and fruit from overpowering. Float a scoop of Blackcurrant Lambic Sorbet in a coupe glass with Champagne, or riff on a SnakeBite and Black with lager, cider, and a few spoonfuls of this velvety sorbet

Dark Chocolate Peppermint

Mouth-filling and palate-gripping. The Darkest Chocolate ice cream with a super-cool peppermint finish.

Real chocolate ice cream is difficult to make without shortcuts, which is why it took Jeni more than five years to perfect the base of this flavor—Darkest Chocolate ice cream packed with as much Fair Trade cocoa as possible. To make this holiday favorite, we infuse bittersweet chocolate ice cream with sharp peppermint. It’s as rich and dense as the inside of a chocolate truffle. But has a super-cool mint finish, like a rush of cool air on the palate. Scoop it into a steaming cup of hot cocoa or alongside a slice of chocolate layer cake.

The Matterhorn

Wildflower honey ice cream with white chocolate ganache and smoked almonds. Originally part of our 2013 Holiday in the Alps collection.

As a toddler, Jeni lived with her family on an army base in Stuttgart, Germany, before later settling in Illinois. What she remembers most about her long-ago time near the Alps are the care packages from Germany that always appeared at her house in Peoria during the holidays. Gifts filled with milk chocolates and toblerone bars. Every holiday is defined in her memory in this way – alpine photographs, tastes, and holiday decor. The Matterhorn is Jeni’s childhood memory of toblerone candy bars wrapped into an ice cream. Honey ice cream—with deep blue and blackberry notes from Portland’s Bee Local honey—flecked with rich and uber-creamy white chocolate and smoked almonds that give the flavor an awesome, by-the-fire bite.

Mont Blanc Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt

Toasted chestnuts and molasses with fresh organic yogurt, cultured buttermilk, and cream. Pair with everything on your holiday table.

In his latest book, famed pastry chef Dominique Ansel wrote that chestnuts are similar in texture and flavor to sweet potatoes. That got us thinking. Every holiday we release a sweet potato ice cream, so why not try chestnuts? With their gentle nuttiness, almost caramelized flavor, and starchy body, roasted chestnuts are prime for blending with cultured buttermilk, organic yogurt, and cream. Add warm flavors, like vanilla and molasses, and the result is an ultra dense frozen yogurt that’s toasty and nutty like a praline. Named for the Mont Blanc dessert popular in Europe (a sweet chestnut buttercream tart), this BFY will pair with just about anything on your holiday table.

Spiced Sweet Cream: Holiday Notes

A symphony of winter spices—cardamom, peru balsam, fenugreek, vanilla, clove. Made for holiday pairings.

Spiced Sweet Cream: Holiday Notes is our stand in for plain vanilla ice cream this season. It’s a flavor designed to pair perfectly with (and add interest to!) every imaginable holiday dessert. We blend our Sweet Cream with five spices—cardamom, peru balsam, fenugreek, vanilla, clove—for a subtle flavor that’s anything but simple. Peru balsam is a wonderful scent from a tree in Ecuador with the aroma of sweet, heady pipe smoke (perfect for holiday, right?). Cardamom adds aromatic, floral notes. Fenugreek lends a mapley flavor. Clove hypnotizes your mouth in that clove way. And vanilla rounds it all out for softness. Try Spiced Sweet Cream: Holiday Notes with apple pie, pumpkin bread, or gingerbread cake.

Sweet Potato Eclair

Spiced sweet potato cream with pastry flakes and playful white chocolate curls.

During the holidays, sweet potato ice cream is a non-negotiable for us. There’s always some version of fresh sweet potatoes roasted until impossibly nutty and then blended with fragrant spices and grass-grazed milk. Sweet Potato Eclair ice cream—made with fresh sweet potatoes from family-run Matthews Ridge Farms in Arkansas, scented with Vietnamese cinnamon, and dotted with vanilla pastry flakes and white chocolate bits—may be our best yet. It’s inspired by the fashionable eclairs on display in every pastry case in Europe. Fancy oblong pastries stuffed with flavored cream and glazed with brightly colored chocolate.