Meet you on the midway! 🎡

We love the color, energy, and flavor of a great state fair. The place where dreams are possible! Meet us by the neon-colored food booths with the Wonka-worthy treats—chiffon clouds of cotton candy, saltwater taffy, butter-slathered popcorn. Bells and screams and whirling lights and $1 games of skill and chance. Step right up! Our State Fair collection is inspired by a mix of our summer memories and vibes from the midway. For the next month, we’ll be dropping a new flavor every week (in shops and online), but the full collection is available online now!

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Watermelon Taffy 🍉

 Show-stopping, pleasantly puckery, and beautifully bouncy

Meant to taste like a watermelon sour candy, this one’s for tart people, like Jeni. It’s got perfect, puckery fruit flavor from a little watermelon and plenty of citric acid, just like the candy. The bouncier than a bouncy house character comes from fresh cultured buttermilk and yogurt (made just for us by a fifth generation Ohio dairy)—so every bite is both ethereally light and extraordinarily creamy. Great on its own, but makes for a great float with a crisp bubbly soda!

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Orange Blossom Chiffon 🍊

Fresh squeezed with a texture magically lighter than air

Never had orange blossom before? Some say it tastes like a ray of sunshine. Or a memory of a really great push-up. It is sweet-tart with tangerine and orange flowers, creamy beyond words, and gravity-defying light. Great on a flaky cone, but also fantastic paired with any blue ribbon plum, blueberry, or cherry pie. Might be Jeni’s all-time favorite flavor ever.

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Atlantic Beach Pie 🍋

A mystical, mythical recipe rescued from the depths!

There is an old Southern legend that warns diners not to eat dessert after a seafood meal. Salty and citrusy Atlantic Beach Pie was the lone exception with its salty cracker crust, lemon custard filling, and whipped cream topping. This is our incredible composed ice cream facsimile of the mouth-watering Southern staple. Sweet cream ice cream and tart lemon custard littered with saltine streusel made in our kitchen. Tart. Lush. Salty. Get yourself a slice. 

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Sun-Popped Corn 🍿

Unbelievable popcorn popped by the sun!

Yes, the popcorn we use to make this flavor is actually popped using the power of sunshine! The folks at BjornQorn in New York’s Hudson Valley use solar power to heat kettles filled with kernels. We steep this magical, crisp, sun-popped corn directly into fresh dairy, infusing every inch with the flavor and aroma of addicting, buttery popcorn. Tastes like 7 p.m. summer sunlight on the midway.

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Wildberry Lavender

A tamed force of nature!

The combination of steam-distilled lavender buds, cold-pressed orange zest, and a tangle of blackcurrants is iconic. To some, it tastes like fruit cereal milk. To others, it’s the flavor of springtime. To us, it’s the color lavender incarnate. A wonder that’ll take you back to the carefree days of childhood!

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