There’s nothing like a bite of cold ice cream with gooey sauce, salty nuts, and soft whipped cream. Nothing. Hot, cold, soft, crunchy, sweet, bitter, or salty—the components can be tweaked a million ways, but they play together musically every time. Now in shops, create your sundae with your choice of ice cream, sauce, and crunchy toppings (like toasted coconut, almonds or pecans), or choose from one of our mouthwatering seasonal offerings.

Pumpkin Roll Sundae

Pumpkin 5-Spice ice cream
Marshmallow sauce
Raw honey whipped cream
Coconut chips
Ginger cookie crumbles
Amarena cherry

Moonbow Sprinkles

Jeni created the sprinkle blends specially for our scoop shops. We created them in partnership with Beautiful Briny Sea, an artisan dry goods company located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sunbow Sprinkles

Jeni was introduced to the owner of Beautiful Briny Sea, Suzi Sheffield, in 2016. We love Suzi and her company and knew we had to work with her.