Voluptuous vanilla ice cream. Rich and full-flavored, with notes of jasmine and honey. Made with Fair-Trade-Certified African vanilla beans reserved exclusively for Jeni's by Ndali Estate in Uganda.

Flavor Story

Ndali Estate Vanilla Bean, with its powerful vanilla scent and velvety texture, is perfect with almost every flavor on our menu, including our sorbets and frozen yogurts. It’s also fantastic straight-up all by its glorious self in a cup or cone.

Plain, old vanilla ice cream this is not. Made with African beans rich in flavor, the ice cream has heady notes of jasmine, honey, and takes its name from a Fair-Trade-Certified farm in Uganda.

We’ve used Ndali Estate vanilla since 2008, and over the years we’ve cultivated a strong partnership with Lulu Sturdy and the farmers of Ndali. The beans they grow and harvest by hand are exquisite, containing the highest level of vanillin—the white crystals on the outside of the pods—of any beans in the world.

Lulu reserves these extra-special beans just for us, makes extract from them on site at Ndali, then ships it directly to our kitchen. We are the only importers of this amazing vanilla in the United States.

“Ndali’s beans have a gorgeous, round, full-bodied vanilla flavor and scent,” says Jeni, “This is the best vanilla I’ve ever tasted in 20 years in the ice cream business.”

Pint of Ndali Estate Vanilla Bean

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