Pure and true pistachio flavor (and pure and true pistachio color). Lightly sweetened with Ohio wildflower honey. Nutty (naturally), with a lovely, savory finish.

Flavor Story

Pistachio & Honey is one of the longest-running ice creams at Jeni’s. When Jeni opened her first shop in 2002 in Columbus’ North Market, it was one of the first customers clamored for.

Pistachio & Honey is super-creamy, with pure, true pistachio flavor—thanks to pureed whole pistachios. And, it has pure, true pistachio color—beige, because we add no artificial green dye.

Lightly sweetened with Ohio wildflower honey, the ice cream is a tribute to simple whole ingredients and time-honored, hands-on ice cream making.

Pint of Pistachio & Honey

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