Two ice creams in one pint: blue violet and vanilla marshmallow swirled together.

Like marshmallow cereal milk!

Supermoon is inspired by two classic marshmallow flavors: fluffy vanilla marshmallows floating in a hot cup of cocoa; and colorful, dehydrated, cereal marshmallows. Jeni crafted Supermoon so that the pure scent and flavor of these marshmallows, not their textures, shines through. We use all-natural essences blended just for us to give Supermoon its unique flavors: The yellow half tastes like the most marshmallowy marshmallow ever, and the blue side is like sweet and floral candied violet, which Jeni has always thought tastes like Lucky Charms marshmallows. It’s two takes on marshmallow in one ice cream: one familiar and one unexpected.