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Meet our new scoop shop flavors. Introducing Ricotta Toast with Red Berry Geranium Jam. We start with fresh ricotta. Add crusty crumbs of seeded toast. Then a heavy hand of juicy, sweet-tart strawberry-raspberry jam. And Frosé sorbet—sangria-style frozen rosé with pear, strawberry, and watermelon. Cream Puff ice cream—last summer’s runaway hit—makes its triumphant return to scoop shops with it’s bright, candy-like vanilla custard. Scroll down for more.

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Jeni's Ricotta Toast with Red Berry Geranium Jam

Ricotta Toast with Red Berry Geranium Jam

Jeni is known for her toast and jam ice creams—she’s been making toasted brioche and jam ice creams since her early days at the North Market (recipe on page 172 in her first book). Think of this flavor as the next generation. What really shoots this flavor into the next dimension is a touch of geranium, which adds a fragrant aspect and a sharp contrast to cool cream.

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Jeni's Frosé

Frosé sorbet

Scoop shop exclusive. Simple, bright, refreshing, it’s exactly what you want on a warm day. We start with a fruity rosé from Peregrine Ranch, a winery in Sonoma Valley. Peregrine’s rosé is filled
with notes of bright strawberry, subtle blackberry jam, and hints of lemon zest. It’s got crisp acidity and a dry, refreshing finish. We amp up all these flavor notes with added pear and strawberry, plus watermelon essence and lemon juice. Pints are coming very soon to shops and online.

Jeni's Cream Puff flavor

Cream Puff

Scoop shop exclusive. This is an ode to one of Jeni’s all-time favorite desserts: the giant cream puff. You know the kind—soft puff pastry filled with a salty vanilla pastry cream. To capture that top-note, almost candy-like vanilla flavor, we had an all-natural vanilla blended just for us (think cotton candy, marshmallow vanilla). That goes perfectly with rich egg custard. A sprinkle of sea salt mimics Bavarian-style cream. And a heavy-hand of soft pastry flakes lends the flavor and texture of a puff pastry. Pints are coming very soon to shops and online.

Jeni's Rainbow BFY

Rainbow BFY

Scoop shop exclusive. Spoonful by spoonful, Rainbow Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt will lighten your spirits this winter. Reminiscent of your favorite sherbets, this flavor is an amazing blend of three yogurts—raspberry, key lime, and passion fruit—with fresh yogurt and cultured buttermilk for a bouncy body. In shops now, and only by the scoop.

Coconut & Cacao

Scoop shop exclusive. Sunny coconut ice cream with unsweetened coconut flakes and little bursts of bitter chocolate flecks. An elegant and minimal ice cream. When it’s gone, it’s gone! 🏃‍♂️ don’t🚶 to a local scoop shop.

Bangkok Peanut

Scoop shop exclusive. One of Jeni’s original flavors, Bangkok Peanut was born out of a pad Thai rivalry between several merchants at the North Market, all claiming theirs as the best in town. With her tongue in cheek, Jeni whipped up an ice cream version of pad Thai: roasted peanut butter and wildflower honey ice cream with toasted fresh-ground coconut and cayenne pepper. It was an instant hit.

dairy-free Dark Chocolate Truffle

A dairy-free “ice cream” made by people who absolutely love dairy. And it’s as good, if not better, than any other flavor that we make at Jeni’s. Complex and ethereal, made with the best cocoa the world has to offer. And it finishes with an ultralight whiff of coconut cream.

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Coffee with Cream & Sugar

For those who love the way rich and earthy coffee clashes with cream and a touch of sugar. Coffee with Cream & Sugar is Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso ice cream swirled with Sweet Cream. Now available in our scoop shops, online, and select grocery stores.

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