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Meet our fresh new flavors. Introducing Coconut & Cacao—available just for the month of January. A transportive tropical coconut-scented ice cream with unsweetened coconut flakes and bitter chocolate chips. Plus, our signature Bangkok Peanut returns with all the savory peanut butter ice cream and pleasant cayenne pepper heat you remember. Both are now available only by the scoop in shops nationwide. Scroll down for more.

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Coconut & Cacao

Scoop shop exclusive. Sunny coconut ice cream with unsweetened coconut flakes and little bursts of bitter chocolate flecks. An elegant and minimal ice cream. When it’s gone, it’s gone! 🏃‍♂️ don’t🚶 to a local scoop shop.

Bangkok Peanut

Scoop shop exclusive. One of Jeni’s original flavors, Bangkok Peanut was born out of a pad Thai rivalry between several merchants at the North Market, all claiming theirs as the best in town. With her tongue in cheek, Jeni whipped up an ice cream version of pad Thai: roasted peanut butter and wildflower honey ice cream with toasted fresh-ground coconut and cayenne pepper. It was an instant hit.

dairy-free Dark Chocolate Truffle

Scoop shop exclusive. A dairy-free “ice cream” made by people who absolutely love dairy. And it’s as good, if not better, than any other flavor that we make at Jeni’s. Complex and ethereal, made with the best cocoa the world has to offer. And it finishes with an ultralight whiff of coconut cream.

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Coffee with Cream & Sugar

For those who love the way rich and earthy coffee clashes with cream and a touch of sugar. Coffee with Cream & Sugar is Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso ice cream swirled with Swete Cream. Now available in our scoop shops, online, and select grocery stores.

Dark Chocolate Peppermint

This is our Darkest Chocolate ice cream infused with sharp peppermint for a super-cool finish. Now available in our scoop shops, online, and select grocery stores.