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There are some flavors we make simply because they are fun and embrace what we want to enjoy during a season. Watermelon BFY is the epitome of one of those flavors. Every spoonful of this BFY bursts with bright, juicy watermelon flavor. Our Peach Buttermilk has the most perfect, juicy Georgia peaches from The Peach Truck blended with cultured buttermilk and cream. Supermoon is inspired by two classic marshmallow flavors: traditional vanilla marshmallows and colorful, dehydrated, cereal marshmallows. Pickled Mango is a tart and quirky pickled mango with cool, lush sweet cheese ice cream. Try these new flavors on our new Butterscrip Waffle Cone now in shops nationwide. Scroll down for more.

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Buttercrisp Waffle Cone

In 2002, we made ice cream splendid. Now, in 2018, we’re taking it to the cone. Our new signature cone. Based on the recipe in Jeni’s first book, our new cone boasts prominent notes of real butter and vanilla, with a hint of salt to beautifully highlight the sweetness of our ice creams. The way a pie crust enhances the sweet filling inside a pie. In shops nationwide this Thursday.

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Peach Buttermilk

To our peach ice cream, we add fresh cultured buttermilk from Arps Dairy, which rounds out the subtle tartness naturally found in peaches. A touch of lemon juice adds a bright edge (the way a finish of lemon on a dish makes flavor really pop). This ice cream is so fresh and bright you can almost taste the fuzz on the peach.

Jeni's Pickled Mango ice cream

Pickled Mango

Scoop shop exclusive. Cheese and fruit ice creams are a favorite of ours. They work well because the sweet-sour-tartness of fruit complements rich and creamy cheese. Think of this flavor as our latest iteration with some added interest. The mango sauce is lightly spiced with white balsamic vinegar, white pepper, allspice, and clove. Using a just a touch of mild, beautifully tart vinegar gives the mango edge and helps the fruit flavor pop. Jeni says to think of it like a rich cheesecake topped with a spiced mango jam. Don’t be afraid of this flavor—it’s truly great.

Watermelon Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt

Scoop shop exclusive. Juicy, red watermelon with fresh yogurt and cultured buttermilk
with a splash of cream. Tart—like watermelon taffy. We start with watermelon concentrate, which are not that flavorful on their own. That’s why we boost the flavor with a high-quality watermelon scent. Just like in our other BFYs, fresh yogurt and cultured buttermilk gives it a bouncy, almost chewy texture.  Try it with a few flakes of sea salt or under a crisp bubbly soda.

Jeni's Supermoon ice cream


We use all-natural essences blended just for us to give Supermoon its unique flavors: The yellow half tastes like the best vanilla marshmallow ever, and the blue side is candied violet, which Jeni has always thought tastes like cereal marshmallows. Both ice creams are naturally flavored and colored with fruit and vegetable juices. Now available in scoop shops, online, and in select grocery stores.

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Jeni's Strawberry Buttermilk ice cream

Strawberry Buttermilk

Grown-for-us strawberries blended with cream and cultured buttermilk (the same Arps Dairy buttermilk we use in our BFYs) for subtle tartness. We use Ohio strawberries, picked at the peak of ripeness. Including berries from our longtime partner at Hirsch Fruit Farm, who grows strawberries just for us. Now available in scoop shops, online, and in select grocery stores.

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Jeni's Lemon and Blueberries Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt

Lemon & Blueberries Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt

Scoop shop exclusive. Jeni is absolutely obsessed with our buttermilk frozen yogurts. No one else makes frozen yogurt like this–a combination of fruit juices and purees, fresh cultured buttermilk, and organic yogurt. This is our tart and creamy Lemon BFY swirled with sweet-tart blueberry sauce. Jeni has made this flavor since the early days when making ice cream in a farmers market, snagging fresh berries from area farmers.

Jeni's Cream Puff flavor

Cream Puff

This is an ode to one of Jeni’s all-time favorite desserts: the giant cream puff. You know the kind—soft puff pastry filled with a salty vanilla pastry cream. To capture that top-note, almost candy-like vanilla flavor, we had an all-natural vanilla blended just for us (think cotton candy, marshmallow vanilla). That goes perfectly with rich egg custard. A sprinkle of sea salt mimics Bavarian-style cream. And a heavy-hand of soft pastry flakes lends the flavor and texture of a puff pastry. Now available in scoop shops, online, and in select grocery stores.

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Jeni's Frosé

Frosé sorbet

Simple, bright, refreshing, it’s exactly what you want on a warm day. We start with a fruity rosé from Peregrine Ranch, a winery in Sonoma Valley. Peregrine’s rosé is filled with notes of bright strawberry, subtle blackberry jam, and hints of lemon zest. It’s got crisp acidity and a dry, refreshing finish. We amp up all these flavor notes with added pear and strawberry, plus watermelon essence and lemon juice.

dairy-free Dark Chocolate Truffle

A dairy-free “ice cream” made by people who absolutely love dairy. And it’s as good, if not better, than any other flavor that we make at Jeni’s. Complex and ethereal, made with the best cocoa the world has to offer. And it finishes with an ultralight whiff of coconut cream.

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